Testimonials - Tammy Gibbs


I would like to compliment Tammy Gibbs on a job well done! Tammy took small, dingy photos and provided clean, detailed canvas photos, proudly displayed at the Lovelady City Office. I have received lots of compliments on the large canvas photos of Lovelady taken in the early 1920's. I would highly recommend Tammy Gibbs to any business or any others. Thanks Tammy!!!

      Debbie Wells, City Secretary - Lovelady, Texas


Almost every room in my house has at least one stunning and personally meaningful piece of art hanging on the wall. Art that began as a humble photo I'd snapped, and was transformed from "nice photo" to "OMG spectacular" art in the form of a crisp and bright and colorful gallery-worthy canvas print, thanks to the mad skills and magic applied by Tammy Gibbs, artist-photographer.

These images always take my breath away, and transport me to that moment in time with such intense clarity that I pause, and remember. Whether I was marveling at the texture and surreal color of a glacier under my crampon-adorned mountaineering boots, peering up into fiery fall foliage framed by an impossibly blue sky, reclining and gazing up past my dusty hiking boots at a mountain waterfall tumbling down a towering rock face, pausing to appreciate a cloud formation, or simply breathing in the grandeur of a mountain peak on the horizon, each image inspires me and refreshes my spirit.

While not everyone understands the feet that appear in many of the photos (it's my thing), visitors to my home with no personal connection to the images also find the photos inspiring and beautiful.

     Carol H - Dallas, TX


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